Towing 1800lbs tent trailer

Do we need to install a power steering coolant and or transmission coolant to tow tent trailer for a. honda odessey 2006 2006

It depends on what else you are carting around. Just you and not much else, you can get away with a lot. Load the car down with people and things, even this car fully equipped for 3500 lbs may may not be enough. What does your total load weight including trailer and capacity look like ?

Given the issues Hondas have had with their transmissions, I would put on the transmission cooler.

Really 2000# is not really much to tow with a decent sized vehicle. I used to tow a camper from Minnesota to Florida, Texas, etc. with no problem. The transmission cooler would be the best idea though and I would service the transmission religiously at 30K regardless of what anyone says.

The owners’ manual should give you the tow limitations.

I think that Texases summed it up the best:

Given the issues Hondas have had with their transmissions, I would put on the transmission cooler.

Towing can stress any vehicle’s transmission, and when that vehicle one of the Honda models with a history of significant transmission problems, I think that a trans cooler falls into the “must have” category.

Count this as another vote for @texases.

"really 2000# is not much to tow with a decent size vehicle"
I fully agree but with one caveat. The transmission doesn’t care if it’s towing or carrying weight. A 2000# lb trailer along with it’s maximum capacity or more in side can do a number on a fwd minivan. One or two people and a little gear, no problem. Loaded to the gills inside, big problem. That’s why you can’t say till OP gives you some idea of what’s inside. The total weight, towing and load will determine whether it’s a good idea.
Read this from the Odessey Club, though not the same year, it gives you some idea.

The 3500 lb tow rating is with two people. With more, and especially, gear as well, the tow weight starts dropping. With a gross combined weight rating of a 8200 lbs, which includes cargo, van, trailer and passengers, there isn’t a lot of spare change to work with. Especially when people weights are 150 lbs…And do you think also the number of miles on the van would be important too ?

Towing in and of it self does not stress a vehicle. It’s all weight and drag dependent whether it be inside or outside with air resistance being the additional outside factor. This is why some can tow and never have a problem while others can tow and always have problems.

i wouldn’t even worry about it. 2000lbs is not that much at all for it to tow. As long as you are not driving it in a nascar race. just dont try to fly up the hills, and try not to over work your car. if you are still unsure contact your local dealer and they will most likely tell you the same.

thank u

No need for a power steering cooler. The load on the steering is essentially the same. As far as a transmission cooler that depends. It can’t hurt as long it is installed properly and none of the fluid lines leak. If you do this once a year for a few hundred miles I won’t bother. If you plan to tow frequently, over long distances (1000+ round trips), and/or will be going up and down a lot mountains steep grades, in these cases I’d strongly advise a transmission cooler.

The Odyssey auto transmission is not especially robust to begin with, so you might consider the cost of a transmission replacement into you towing plans.