Transmission pan


Ok so I took my 1997 dodge stratus to get a oil change. The guy at the shop said my trans pan was damaged. And also my axel seals in the trans was leaking.

I usually go to the local mom and pop shop for oil changes. This time I took it to one of the big name places. When I asked what I need to do to correct these problems the guy told me I would need to get a new or rebuilt transmission. When I asked if there was no other way like replacing the transmission pan which was damaged or the axel seal he said no there was not. I drive about 130miles a day to and from work. And I have noticed some transmission fluid leaking, but not all that much maybe quart I add about every 45-60day. Are the problems they mentioned really that bad I would need a new(rebuilt) transmission.

Thanks for any help


If you needed a new tranny the car simply would not run right. In short, if the damage (if there is really any) to the pan had done damage to the underlying machinery (other than perhaps the filter) you’d know. The shop you took it to apparently has an owner with a very large boat.

Take it back to your local mom & pop shop and ask them for a second opinion.

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I’m going to do that just got off the phone to setup a time to go in tomorrow right before I checked back here. The oil pan being damaged I can see there is a dent in it. The other thing however im not sure what it is or where it is. I’m a computer geek you want to know the proper speed ram for your mother board I can help. Axel seals and such out of my field. I can cover a oil pan gasket and a valve cover gasket.
And I have put on brakes a few times and tie rod ends once. That is where I stop messing with cars and leave it up to the experts…or so I thought.

Thanks for the input


As noted, stay a way from that place. Stop in soon at your mom & pop places and ask them to take a look at the loss of transmission fluid. My guess is there was some damage to the pan and that is causing the leak. That should not cause the need to replace the whole thing.


Check with a local independent transmission shop. Many of them usually have a stash of used parts around and can probably provide a good pan cheap.
Changing them out is also no big deal either.