Transmission Fluid leak

Hey Folks,

My 1987 Nissan Sentra has a transmission leak. The leak is from a bad gasket from the center part of the Trans. Does anyone know if I or how to replace or fix this gasket without taking out the Trans. ( Just so we are clear-this is not the Trans pan)

Thanks for helping out.

How Bad Is This Leak ?
Does It Leave A Puddle ?
How Much Fluid Does It Use ?
You Mentioned Trans Pan, So This Is An Automatic, Correct ?


Has the car ever been in an accident? It can be related but to the best of my knowledge it is a rebuild scenario. I did look at a used car that put bondo on the seam, it was not holding, ie still dripping, I was like hey this trans is dripping, who would bondo it? Not me he said I will fix it for sure, he never saw me again.

The leak is not too bad yet. It leaves a small spot on the driveway about the size of a half dollar. It goes through a 1/4 quart a week of trans fluid.
Yes this is a automatic. I think its the gasket for the automatic transmission pump.

Nope never been in an accident. However, the car had set five years unused before I bought it.

Any advice?

It’s a 26 yr old car… If it’s me I stock up on the budget trans fluid and add when needed

That could be the selector shaft seal, thats where the linkage goes into the transmission. But it could also be a sensor as well. You have to look for it.


That means the transmission has to be removed for repair. It’s impossible to replace that seal without removing the transmission.

So that equals 1qt/month. If you are willing to regularly top up ATF, you should be fine. I suggest you don’t park in the same spot every day.

Seals tend to dry up and leak when vehicles sit unused for months/years.

$17 a gallon so roughly $1weekly is peanuts compared to removing the tranny and repairing the leak. Even if the vehicle lasted 2 years more you’d spend roughly $100 on ATF or about the same as having the repair diagnosed by a transmission shop.

All right that is what I will do. I will keep filling my car up on Transmission fluid and wait and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

College Boy, Good Plan. You Receive An “A” And Extra Credit.
While You’re Under There (Under The Hood, That Is) Every Week Be Sure And Do A Check On Other Fluids (Coolant, Engine Oil, Brake Fluid, Power Steering Fluid, Windsield Washer Fluid . . .) As Well. Look at the accessory drive belt(s) too.

I Do This Routine Weekly On All Our Family Cars. You Can Catch A Problem Before It Becomes Catastrophic, Especially On An Older Vehicle. We See Folks On This Forum Every Week Who Didn’t And It Did !