Transmission overhaul estimate?

ray how much should I expect to pay for a transmission overhaul on a 2004 f150 diesel 4 wheel drive.160,000 miles in good shape,all the sensors recently replaced didn’t help

How about telling us what is going on with the transmission?

Harsh shifting?


Limp home mode?

Go here, ask this site that question

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There are also 2 types of overhauls. The “soft” rebuild and the “hard” rebuild.

Soft means new gaskets, seals, clutch packs, and so on.

Hard means all of the above plus a new solenoid pack, updates, all bushings and/or bearings, and a new torque converter.

The hard is more proper than the soft but of course the cost is exponentially higher.

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Since we don’t know the status and repair required, we can only guess.

Where I live a typical cost for a car transmission overhaul; is $4000+.

A heavier unit in a truck would cost more.

In any case when a friend or colleague has real transmission problems that cannot be solved with a fluid and filter type of maintenance, I tell the to budget at least $5000 so as to avoid nasty surprises.

Wherever that is, I’m glad I don’t live there.

I can get most FWD trannys done right for $1500 to $1700. A diesel truck would be about double that.

I’ve also had those estimates given for overhauls where a $75 to $200 repair at a reputable shop fixed the problem.

For a 4wd F150 with the v8 5.4L engine and the AODE W/4R70W/4R75W’s , what I’m seeing 12 -14 hours labor for a basic overall (including removing and installing), plus the overhaul parts kit cost. Diagnostics, other parts, and other fees would likely also be involved. So I’d guess around $3000-$3500 total.

For comparison, when I had the C4 automatic on my 4WD Ford Truck rebuilt about 20 years ago, it was a little less than $1000.

And I don’t understand the steep increase in the cost to repair a transmission that is controlled by a computer and the older internally controlled models @George_San_Jose1. The torque converter seems to be the only part that is more complex on recent models compared to the C4, C6, TH350, etc.

I was referring to a complete overhaul, which is usually necessary if the transmission has been ignored and neglected. I’ve had transmission repairs as low as $195 on a Ford C-4, but that was minor damage.

The last person I assisted had a Mazda 626 which needed transmission work, and the best we could do was $4200 after shopping around. A good used one was unavailable since nearly all Mazda’s then had stick shifts.

i assume the diesel trans is a heavy duty version of the f150 verson?

I can see this easily going over $5K, if done properly and professionally with attention to detail.

No quality professional shop would simply overhaul the transmission or install an exchange rebuilt unit. This truck is 14 years old with 160,000 miles, it’s a diesel so I assume some towing/hauling use. There’s bound to be some additional service needed along with the trans.

There’s the transmission repair. But the transfer case has to come out, it should be serviced and resealed at the same time, if not opened up and inspected. All driveline joints and carriers should be inspected and replaced as needed, differentials should be serviced as well. The auxiliary transmission cooler will need to be flushed or preferably replaced, and I believe this truck may use a trans fluid thermostat that should be replaced as well.

Things add up quickly.