Transmission over fill

It got over filled and we draind some out and it shifts and will move but will stop and then wont go or shift till u turn the car off then start it again can some one plz help

Overfilling it should not cause the transmission to act up like this although if the car was driven for a considerable amount of time with a LOT of extra fluid it’s at least possible.
If by overfilling you mean a quart or even two that should not be an issue.

Are you absolutely CERTAIN the fluid is at the correct level? Offhand, it sounds like the fluid level may be low.

If the fluid level is correct you may have to have the car scanned at a reputable independent transmission shop for any diagnostic codes.

Are you checking the transmission fluid level correctly?

When checking the level, the vehicle has to be on level ground, the engine idling, and the transmission/engine up to operating temperature.