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Transmission? Or the cold?

I have a 2002 honda accord 4cylinder and about 2weeks ago i was about to go to the store. When i pulled off it made a vroom noise but didn’t kick into gear until late so i drove to the mechanic and he said i was low on transmission oil so i filled it up and it drove normal the whole week then a few days ago i put the car in d4 and it went in reverse for a bit when it finally went forward it kicked then stopped going forward so i pulled over and tried again and it drove then did the same thing now it won’t go forward without going backwards first i took it to auto zone to get serviced and they said it was nothing wrong it has transmission oil new engine oil new timing belt and everything could it just be the cold weather or do i need a new transmission?

I didn’t know Auto Zone had a service department. Either way, you need to take it to a reputable transmission repair shop to get an accurate diagnosis. I believe that Honda transmissions only like Honda transmission fluid, and they don’t like to get low on fluid.


I agree with tcmichnorth. Take the car to a good independent transmission shop (not a chain) for a diagnosis. Unfortunately, the transmission could easily have been damaged by running it low on fluid.

Additionally, if it wasn’t serviced every 3 yrs/30k miles, then the trans could be… damaged goods.
By my calculations, the trans fluid and filter should have been changed 5 times so far.
Can the OP tell us about the maintenance record for this transmission?

Autozone did the computer thing i forgot what it’s called