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Transmission or cv joint

Hello! I was stopped at a red light and when I tried to go my car would not move in any gear at all. A police officer came and was going to give me a push out of the road. When he pushed the car it would drive fine but everytime I would stop the car would not move again. I was thinking this was a transmission issue but I have been told it could be the cv joints. I would just like anyone’s input on this. I checked the transmission fluid and it was fine. The car was not making any noises or smoking. It was running fine. I also replaced the transmission filter and that did not work.

You have a worn out transmission that probably needs to be overhauled. I once had a CV joint pop out of the transmission. It was a rebuilt teplacement with what turned out to be a weak ring clip. The car would not move, like it was in neutral because it had a standard differential. But, it would not reset itself by someone pushing the car. It needed the CV joint pushed back into the transmission.

Had the same problem with a Nissan Pathfinder. As long as I kept moving it would go. If I stopped, I could not get her going again. I had the wife and kids in the car and I rolled every stop sign trying to get home. It was going great, no cars at any stop and I was almost home. I rolled the last stop and then came the blue lights of a Ga State patrol car. I pulled over and explained the problem, but he was a rookie and did not care and wrote me the ticket. Then I had to ask him to give me a shove to get going. Well all this adds up to, I needed to have the tranny rebuilt.