Transmission on Subaru - worth it?

Hi there -

I have a subaru 2000 outback that occasionally when put in to “D”, won’t drive. It is like I am in park and it just won’t go. Well, I had it in and they replaced some cable - now it is still doing it and they tell me it is an internal transmission thing. It can cost between $1500 - 4000 to get fixed. Because they thought they were fixing it the first time, we also had the exhaust replaced (to the tune of $1700) which it needed.

Should we scrap this car and get a different one??? or repair it???

You need a new Subaru mecanic, post haste. $1700 for an exhaust system is ridiculous. Was this your local dealer? I thought so. Consider looking in the Mechanix files on this same website for a good independent mechanic near you. If it does need a transmission, consider looking for a low mileage one at