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Transmission fluid change

Most oil change places just change the fluid only in a transmission, I can see that occasionally but how often should the filter be changed? Every time? Every other time? I just can’t see never changing it.

Most MECHANICS would recommend changing the fluid every 30,000-50,000 miles or so and the filter at the same time. Those quick flush places don’t do that and as the transmission wears the filter could get plugged.

Get you transmission serviced at a proper transmission shop, not an oil change place.

I agree 100% with Docnick, but I want to add the caution that “a proper transmission shop” does not include the likes of AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or any other chain operation.

The staff at most quick oil change places lacks the expertise to properly service your car, thus they skip vital items like the transmission filter. They also have an unfortunate habit of using the wrong transmission fluid, which can cause irreparable damage.

Every month, we hear from at least a couple of people whose (choose one or more) engine/transmission/differential/brake hydraulic system/cooling system was damaged at Jiffy Lube by the use of the wrong fluid or by failing to refill fluid after draining it. You are pressing your luck if you continue to have your car serviced by Jiffy Lube, or its clones.

Well I change it myself luckily but was more curious than anything. Now my truck is a different story it has 300000 miles on it and never been changed.86 nissan

Fluid AND filter every 25-30k miles even for your 300k truck. 300k and never been changed??? UGH!!! What are you waiting for???


If your truck’s transmission is AUTOMATIC, you are really living on borrowed time. My wife’s Nissan gets its fluid and filter chnaged every 40,000 miles. After 15 years it still shifts flawlessly.

I don’t care if it is a manual or an automatic, it is living on borrowed time.

Manuals do not require a fluid change. The oil does not get hot enough to break down.

every 30000 miles never wait till it slips cause when you change the fluid sometimes it breaks up old junk thats built up then causes your tranny to go out

The oil still breaks down from age alone, even if you ignore other wear.

The owner’s manual for my Civic says to change the transmission oil. I am willing to bet the owner’s manuals for other manual transmission cars give the same advice.

If what you said was true, nobody would ever have to change differential oil either, and we know that isn’t true.