Transmission oil bubbles



I have lots of medium sized bubbles in the transmission oil when I check it. Is this a sign of major problems to come? There is a little slippage sometimes when it changes to the high gears.


Is the fluid level correct?




Are you checking the fluid level with the vehicle on a level surface, engine hot, and with the gear selector in “NEUTRAL” ??? The level in these transmissions need to be checked with the gear selector in neutral…(Very important)



Thanks, I’ll check tomorrow (Wed.)


Engine needs to BE RUNNING to check the fluid. Many car onwers check the fluid with the engine off, and get the wrong level.


You didn’t say what kind of vehicle this is but, MoPar (Chrysler brand) rear wheel drive vehicles are the only ones that need to have the fluid level checked in neutral. That’s because of the oil circuit design, all the rest can be checked in neutral or park. If your checking the fluid in PARK, the power train isn’t moving except for the forward (input) drum. The fluid from the radiator is going directly to the lubrication circuit. Assuming the fluid level is correct. (Right dip stick, also) that means you have a internal leak that’s spraying fluid into your oil pan which I think is causing you bubbles. I would take it to a shop and have it found before it leaves you standed on the road.


The OP did say what vehicle it is, in the tags. jeep grand cherokee