Transmission noise



I can’t figure out how to do that


On this forum’s home page, look at the upper right portion of the screen for the button marked “+ New Topic”. Click on that, and you can create your own thread.


Thanks, Blazer, but that post was almost two years ago! I don’t even remember it!
Be advised, because of the format of the threads, it’s very easy to inadvertently respond to a years-old post. It happens almost regularly, and most of us who have been here awhile did so when the current software was installed. It took some getting used to.


Where is my car is not so bad, where is my house on the other hand…
Another sad day was when my Father in law forgot how to make coffee.


I’ve misplaced my car before. Worst example was in Palo Alto, where it took 2 1/2 hours of walking around to find it. Never have forgotten where I live tho, not yet. But I can see that day coming on the horizon … lol .


You are showing us just how easy it is, I doubt Blue_Blazer waited two years for your response.


What? You mean you haven’t driven to where you lived 20 years ago absent mindedly? I guess I have but its just the next block over. At least I just drove by and didn’t try to go in. Hows that song go? “Who’s that man in my house . . .”

At any rate same answer. If the noise is actually coming from the transmission, again it could be a bearing inside the trans going out. There’s lots of moving parts that wear. Same thing though, the trans usually has to come out and get taken apart.


My houses where I park my car (stretching it to keep it car related) were at least 500 miles apart, I think you are not needing to worry Mr. Bing. I kind of self protect, park in the same area of any big box stores I shop at.

Gees now there is an app for that, can locate your car where you left it

Now no one remembers phone numbers because you go to contacts, now no one needs to remember where is my car because there is an app for that.


LOL, yeah, I guess I did at that! :blush: