2005 Ford F-150 King Ranch Transmission Issue

94,700 Miles Good Shape. We recently had the transmission repaired after a complete stoppage. Ford refused to repair the transmission so we had it repaired at AAMCO which includes a 3 year warranty. Problem/Question: During an otherwise smooth ride the truck jerks between the speeds of 41 to 50 MPH. It could be coming from the transmission. These are abrupt jerks. My fear is this will eventually harm the motor. Please Help

Take it back to AAMCO. First they will try to blame the jerking on an engine misfire. This is doubtful since an engine misfire shouldn’t cause the heavy jerking action you describe. So, to head off this explanation make sure the motor is running properly and smoothly at all speeds.

I suspect it is the transmission. Two possibles, one is the torque converter is no good and is causing the jerking as it goes into and out of the lock up mode. Second, could be the transmission is attempting to shift into 2 different gears at the same time. This will eventually kill the transmission in pretty short order.

AAMCO isn’t the best place to take your vehicle for transmission work, but too late now so take it back to AAMCO and hope that they stand behind their work. My hunch is you are going to need a new transmission at some point and it won’t come from AAMCO.

Try locking out the overdrive and see how it drives in that speed range…

Thanks Uncle Turbo. Two questions: Where should I have gone besides AAMCO to get the transmission fixed? and It snowed here recently and I found out that the 4 wheel drive LO no longer shows on the dash board only 4 wheel HI shows as functional now. Does this shed any additional light on the condition?

Caddyman, if it turns out that it no longer jerks with the OD off what do I do for a permanent solution to the problem?

1st choice would be an independant transmission shop that has been in business for awhile, 10 years or so.

Caddyman’s idea was to see if the problem could be isolated to the torque converter lock up as the problem.

Did 4WD low range engage but the dashlight doesn’t work? Or, is the 4WD low range not engaging at all?

Basically you are going to have to deal with AAMCO to get your transmission and transfer case issues resolved.

Does the check engine light come on while driving?? Has anyone scanned the computer yet?? The computer should be scanned. Misfires in Fords are common and a good scanner can tell you this. I would have an independent shop check for any misfire data. If they dont show any misfiring they can then scan the transmission to check TCC data and see what exactly is going on between 41-50 mph. If they can duplicate the condition while they have a scanner hooked up they should be able to track down the problem.