90 Corolla rear engine mount cross member unbolted ....need I remove the front to back piece?

Have 3 of the engine mounts in…need to drain the 90 weight , differential

I’m having a hard time figuring out what the question is. This is not twitter you can use as many characters/words as needed.

The back engine mount finally was able to come out when I removed the cross member AND the front to back “member”…Now to align the bolts…need front to back force like using jack horizontally…defiantly the toughest of the 3 engine/ transmission mounts…Oh for another day…Peter Frampton sung…

If I’m not mistaken, you are asking for ideas on how to line up the bolts that will not line up.

Use a ratchet strap as a come-a-long!!!

If your question involves removal on all the engine mounts to drain the tranny fluid. Throw your tools in the nearest river and find a mechanic that knows what they are doing.

If your profile picture is the car you are working on, that does make things a little more accessible from the bottom, but you’ll never get the tranny drained like that :-).


Yes… That rear mount is a pain. Also, the differential takes regular DexIII trans fluid. Do not put any 90 wt in there or your differential will grenade itself in short order.

Still having trouble aligning holes and bolts…will try a pipe clamp…back, head and neck is killing me

The change of engine and trans mounts was because of vibration at idle…the fluid in differential was another issue will try to remove 35 mm (or so) bolt …to test with finger I suppose… No tools in river…yet

Are you sure on the 35mm bolt for trans fill? I’m assuming the 5-speed transaxle, and my '92 Celica, 1.6L w/ 5-speed manual used a 24mm bolt for trans fill. It’s the same engine combo used in the Corollas. I used GL-4 (75W-90) in it as manual specified.

Thanks BK , I hope I have that socket…I read that the 3 speed takes aft ; as opposed to the 4 sped… wish me luck, my neck and back ache…

Is this an automatic or manual transmission? Since you mentioned 3 speed vs. 4 speed, assuming you have an auto trans. The 3 & 4 speed auto take atf. You’ll never get a socket on the filler bolt as there is not enough room. You’ll have to get it with an open/box end wrench. The drain I believe is an allen head bolt. Turn the tire all the way to the right for maximum space & you’ll need a flex tube attachment for the fluid container for fill-up. Fill until it starts coming back out of the fill hole and you’re good to go. IFRC, it takes about a quart and a half.

When I did the rear mount on my 91 Corolla and another 90 Corolla, I took the bracket off the block then put the long bolt thru the new mount first then put the bolts thru the bracket onto the block next. It took longer to do it this way as you barely can get a half turn (or less) on the bolts due to no room to get a good swing with the wrench but it can be done… Good luck.

Yesterday I was persuaded to leave it; the depth of the bolt (or plug) is so thin AND it’s in a concave or recess SOB…also one long bolt hole is binding…so wait till mon to buy a tap about 13 mm wide. I’ll be happy when it’s over. Thanks for the guidance…yes it’s 3 spd auto

I finally got the last…back motor mount on. I had a bit of bother aligning the bolt holes…thought I might have to buy a $50 tap …it runs smooth, I’m happy

oh…what size is the differential plug …22 ? Tempted to leave it as is w 120 K