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Transmission Mission

Does my 2008 5.3 Vortec V8 SFI Silverado 1500 have a deep or shallow transmission pan? It’s due for its first drain and drop of the pan but I want to get the right tranny filter.
Anyone know? Thanks if you have an answer!

Count the number of bolts holding the pan to the transmission and ask you counterman if the gaskets are listed that way. Last time I got a gasket for a GM transmission, this is how it was identified.

just got off the phone with my tranny part house gasket is the same and its the deep pan filter
(black plastic) just becareful about the fluid it calls for Dexron VI

@Torker I agree with @BigMarc

We have the same trucks in our fleet. And the 1500s with the 5.3 have the deep pan.

I recommend either the GM filter or the WIX 58847 filter.

If your pan doesn’t have a drain plug, I recommend this. It will make the job easier the next time.

Also, be aware that after removing all of the pan bolts, the pan may still not slip out. There’s a very good chance you’ll have to loosen the exhaust pipes at the flanges and partially lower the exhaust to gain the needed clearance. I have had to do that on Tahoes/Yukons and full size GM trucks several times.

Good luck!

Thanks everyone. Two grease monkey thumbs up!