Transmission leaks

we have lees than 40,000 miles on our chryslers, one with only 25,000. They all have slight transm. leaks. Is this normal or easily fixed?

How old are these Chryslers? On a car 10 years old, but only 25,000 miles, seals get dry-rotted and leak, a normal condition. 2 years old with 25,000 miles, and leaking seals are an unusual situation.

Depends on where they are leaking from. Pans are easy, seals will require either removal of driveshafts, or in the case of a pump seal, removal of the transmission is required. Where are the leaks at??


the cars are all 2004 models, we use them 6mo. each/yr. I haven’t looked for where the leaks are exactly yet. I wouldn’t think the seals would dry out in that short of time. Could the bolts possibly have loosened and need to be re-torqued?

You’d be surprised. Back when I was at the dealership I commonly found bad seals on new car transmissions with less than 10k miles on them. As far as the pans go, some Chrysler transmissions use RTV sealant between the pan and transmission case so tightening the bolts wont do any good. If a pan which has RTV sealant on it starts to leak you must remove the pan, clean it real good , re-seal it and reinstall it. You can check the bolts on the bottom pan to see if any are loose because the bottom pans usually use a fiber gasket and these are torqued to 95" (INCH) pounds. The ONLY way we can answer your question accurately though is to know where the fluid is leaking from. If you can find out that info we can tell you about how much you are looking at to fix.


I finally determined the pan is leaking and the bolts are all tight. We purchased this car with 20,000 miles on it. Un be-knownsed to me there is a slight dent in the bottom of the pan right on the corner. The pan side does not appear to be bulging, however the leak is at that corner of the seal. Do I need to replace the pan or just the seal? $? Thanks for your help!! Gary