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Trans Pan Leak After Service

So I did a transmission service (filter, pan gasket, fluid) last night and I woke up today to find a puddle of trans fluid on the ground under the pan; there were no leaks prior to this.

I haven’t gotten under there yet so I don’t know exactly where the leak is coming from.

I don’t have a torque wrench but I’m sure I did not over-tighten the bolts and I followed proper gasket setting procedure.

I’m really in a bind now and don’t know what to do.

Any thoughts?

Now I’m stumped. I got under there and the pan is dry, all of the pan bolts are dry, and I ran my hand all the way around the pan edge and it is dry as well.

Fingers crossed for a false alarm. Maybe new fluid leaked out of my funnel around the dipstick neck and just made it to the ground.

Check the trans fluid level before starting it up. Last thing you want to do is dry start a transmission.