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Transmission Leak

I recently had the transmission on my 1997 Chrysler Town and Country (3.8 liter engine) flushed. As soon as I returned home, I noticed a transmission fluid leak, and the car had never leaked previously. I returned to the shop that did the work. They checked, and determined that the leak was not from around the transaxle pan, but rather froma spot between the engine and the transaxle.

Could the flushing have been the cause of the leak, and was there any way doing the job improperly could have caused this?


Yes. When they flush the transmission they disconnect the cooler lines. If the leak is from there then they need to fix it. If they are saying its coming from between the engine and transmission (The transmission front pump seal) then it is not part of the flush. Did you have a transmission shop do the flush or one of these fast lube places???


Actually it was a place that specializes in tires, brakes, front ends, alignments and balancing, oil changes, and such. I’ve had them do that kind of service on all my cars for years, and have been satisfied with their work and their ethics. They do have some sort of machine to facilitate the flushing process.
As for the source of the leak, they showed me it dripping from the shield around the transaxle bellhousing. Nowheres near the coolant lines or the transaxle pan itself.
I’m ready to take the van to a Chrysler dealer abd have it looked at. I just want to determine if the time proximity of the flush and the onset of the leak is coincidental, or if the flush could have caused it.
Thanks for your reply.

I would take it to a qualified transmission specialist shop instead of the dealer. Dealers will likely prescribe a very expensive fix, whereas the transmission shop will diagnose what the actual problem is and fix it. That’s what they do for a living! They don’t flush either; they drain the fluid and change the filter.

Stay away from national transmission chains, instead go to a locally owned one.

Please keep us posted.

Good luck!


 Did they drop the pan and change the filter when they flushed it??


Yes. In fact, when I first detected the leak, I had them remove the pan again and use a previously-unused tube of sealant. After that had been done and I took the van home for the second time and the leak persisted, the next return trip revealed that the leak was NOT around the pan.
I’ll see if I can find an independent transmission shop to look at it.
By the way, a rebuilt transaxle was installed about 4 years ago. The 3-year warrantee has expired, but we’ve put less than 20,000 miles on it (we also have a 2005 Sienna, which we love.)

Could you explain that “unused tube of sealant” info you have provided,exactly what product did they use? I admit I don’t use anything and leaks don’t follow me.I don’t like the idea of using sealant near the trans.