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Transmission Control Module causing leak?

Our 2001 Chrysler Sebring has a transmission leak. The recommended repair is to replace the transmission control module. I think this part is essentially a computer that manages shifting. Could the TCM cause a leak?

?? Who the heck recommended that “repair?” In other words, what kind of shop did you take the car to? No, replacing the TCM will have no effect whatsoever on a leak.

I suspect that there is more to this story than you have told, however. Do you have a recurring leak?

Not much more to the story.

Purchased the car about 3 months ago for my teenage driver. Noticed a small leak a month ago or so. Had a family friend mechanic check it out. Was told it was loose bolts on the oil pan. A week or so later, I noticed the leak again, this time leaking worse.

I took it to Goodyear Gemini that I use regularly. I was told the TCM is causing the leak, and to replace it. And while it is off, I should replace the transmission gasket and filter.

It sounds like you think I’m being scammed.

Are you actually talking about the solenoid pack? A leaking solenoid pack would make a lot of sense. But the solenoid pack isn’t the same thing as the TCM. I’d be really worried about a shop that confused the two of these things.

Either way in general, you’re best off staying away from corporate chain type repair facilities. And in this case I’d prefer to be taking the car to an actual transmission shop. Transmission work is highly specialized. If its just that a solenoid pack needs to be replaced most any mechanic could do it. But the devil is in knowing what to do, including what kind of maintenance it ought to get and making sure everything is right. Transmission specialists will be able to serve you much better.

Drop the pan and change the filter. Replace the pan gasket with a good quality Felpro rubber gasket. Torque the pan bolts with a torque wrench and you are done.