Transmission leak

I have a 1998 Ford Windstar. Had blown engine, because body and interior in great condition I had engine rebuilt. One week after I got it back without warning started spilling (not leaking) transmission fluid. Mechanic/nephew thought it was front seal but seal was not damaged. His transmission buddy said it has to be a pump not working and fluid is spilling out of a overflow valve. Any advice?

Yes, it could be that the pump is venting fluid. Can you see exactly where the fluid is coming from??


Thanks…this is info from the mechanic, he said next to the seal is an escape valve, this is where it is comming from.

When is it leaking?? Does it only leak after it warms up or does it leak anytime the engine is running? Also, what exactly happened to the engine?? Did it overheat or blow a head gasket?I’m trying to see whether engine coolant might have got mixed in with the transmission fluid.


Leaks anytime engine is running. Engine threw a rod. Mechanic said the transmission fluid is red and has no sign of anti-freeze mixing in, I also saw the fluid leaking and agree it’s the same red color. I asked him again where the leak is at and he said the front seal.