Auto transmssion oil leaking windstar 2001

Ford Windstar ford 2001
Thanks a lot for your Info.
Problem:Auto transmission oil leaking
What I have done:
Rerilland observed what happen, leaking still. I changed the gasket & filter.
The leaking persists. I found bulletin service about water entering, causing ECM to give wrong measuring stick level. I fixed, according to bulletin TSB 14-06-10.
It is leaking still. There is another bulletin about the same problem: TBS 05-14-5. This bulletin is about the transaxle vent being obstructed.
It is leaking a lot of oil.
I hope someone, please, has a comment about my problem.

You must define where it’s coming from to fix it.
Leaks have a nasty way of running through or around other areas before dripping. You may be attempting to repair where you see it dripping from, yet not addressing the leak source.
The first step to find any leak is to clean well. Then when the leak continues, you’ll have a clue where it’s coming from.
Keep in mind it could begin deeper within the transmission and be oozing out.

I’m not sure why you’re relying on TSB’s regarding a transmission fluid leak. I’m not saying that a run of TSBs is a bad idea, but transmission leaks are just run of the mill things. Whatever it is, its unlikely to be something special & quirky about windstars, as opposed to something generic like a leaking pan gasket, pump seal or cooler line.

What you do is take it to a good local mechanic, ask them to find the leak, and tell you what is required to fix it. You’re probably best off with a shop that specializes in transmissions.

If you come back to post follow ups to offer further clarification or questions ask someone to help you with language. I’m not picking on you - just saying that the clearer you can be, the better suggestions you might get.

TSB means Technical Service Bulletin

I’m sure cigroller knows exactly what the definition of TSB is. His point is that you seem to be assuming (and I read it that way also) that a TSB automatically means the cause of that leak is related to the TSB. Odds are that it is not.

Ford Windstar ford 2001
Thanks a lot for your Info. and recommendations about it.
Problem:.Transmission oil leaking. This problem started suddenly on 07/10/11.

I have changed the gasket and filter because I saw the oil black color and old  and 2 of 3 bolts a little loss.  During this job, I didn't see any other site from where the oil is coming out or a vent which could be obstructed, nor in a related diagram. I did good work about putting on the new gasket, filter and bolts. After that, I checked for leaks idling the transmission on N with no leaks.  The leaking problem comes when we drive the car on highways or streets.  The amount it drops is around 1 quarter, and, for that reason, it is being used only for the ride for the kid to school which is about 4 miles round trip. In the meantime, I find the cure $$  for my problem.  This car will be used only for that.  Of course, I am refilling the oil to avoid get fried.   

The FORD Technical Bulletin Service TBS 05-14-5 says this transaxle may exhibit an erratic fluid level reading on the transaxle dipstick and possible leaks around the filler tube and grommet. The vent has a rubber disk under the metal cap to prevent water from entering the transaxle. This rubber disk may intermittently stick and cause improper venting.

If someone can give me a hint where that vent could be or is it the tube’s dipstick itself?
Or, another root cause of this problem.? Your help will be welcome.

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