Transmission Leak

I just changed the output shafts on an 03 Camry, along with the seals. The shafts were “overhauled”, and the seals were new from the dealer. Since the replacement, I’ve noticed tranny fuid on the carport floor (about as big as a fist). It’s hard to tell where it’s comming from, it almost looks like it’s from the center “split” of the transmission, but it didn’t leak from here before. The question is, could there be enough difference between the O/H’d shaft and the originals outside diameter (where it fits in the seal) to create the leak?

Thanks for any input.

I forgot to add, that the seals didn’t show any evidence of a leak immediatly after the shaft change. After I changed them, I took it for a test drive, then checked it. There was a little residual, but nothing dripping, it’s been about a week since the repair.

Could it be residual spillage from refilling the trans after the shaft work?

I called myself checking for that. This leak seems to be intermittent. Over the week end, I checked it every now and then, sometimes there was a puddle and sometimes not. It seems to leak less when warm. I serviced the fluid on Fri. and after running it all week-end it lost 1/5 of a quart, at most. And by the way, Thanks for the reply, any advice is helpful (it’s the wife’s car and she really wants it to be fixed).

Could also be oversize seals or damaged seals. Did the shafts go back in the trans smoothly?
Did you save the old seals?

Automatic trans? Is there an oil cooler? Cooler line leaking?

I trusted the dealer to sell me the correct seals and they matched up to the old ones. The shafts went in as smothly as they could, there’s a split ring on the end that expands on the inside of the trans. It took a little “bump” to seat that ring. I saved the old seals, but they were damaged when I removed the old shafts. Yes it’s an auto, yes on the cooler, and if the line is leaking it’s due to something else. I didn’t touch them on this job. But I’ll take a good close look at them next chance I get.

If one isn’t careful when installing a halfshaft into the transaxle, the splines on the halfshaft can cut the seal causing it to leak.


I’m afraid that is what happened. Would yall reccomend replacing the seals? Or could that just turn into a tail chaser? (fix a leak to create a leak)

Would yall reccomend replacing the seals?

Pull the shafts out and take a good look at the seals with a strong flashlight.
Maybe only the first side you did is damaged.

I’ll do that. Thanks for all the advice. Hopefully I can chalk this one up to “installation error”.

Forgot to mention: carefully feel in there with your finger. Should be smooth.

Will do. Thanks again.