Leaky Transmission?

i currently own a 2.4l 2002 Hyundai sonata that is leaking transmission fluid.

from what I and 3 separate mechanics can tell the leak is most likely coming from the cv shaft seal
(fluid is all over the place from landing on the cv shaft while spinning)

the same seal that i replaced about 6 months ago. now here’s where the problem begins, in the past month i have replaced that seal about 3-4 times every time i replace it the car stops leaking for around 2 days and then it is leaking again.

their is a decent sized scratch in the transmission seal wall that i filled with gasket maker (in my latest attempt) but that did not work either

now it is not a big leak maybe a drop a day, so i don’t really need to worry about it for now but i don’t like to leave a mark on the road.

a mechanic suggested that because my cv shafts are different lengths and get an uneven amount of torch, my driving habits could have caused a bearing in the transmission to go out and that vibration is destroying the seals.he claimed that it would cost around $3,000 to fix because it would be a “wild goose chase”.

is there any truth to what that mechanic said?

check the shafts at the inner joint by moving them up down or sideways, both have the same amount of play? If so bearings are prob ok, clean the area and dry with brake cleaner, put some dye in trans fluid and run the car in gear on lift and watch to see if it is the seal or the scratch that you fixed that is leaking, or something else

i shook my cv shafts an neither of them moved at all.

however i did come across two things

  1. the motor mount on the same side of the vehicle as the leak is broken
    (the rubber is torn allowing the motor to move a decent bit)
  2. the transmission fluid is overfilled, not by a lot but enough that it registers as hot when it is cold.