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Transmission Leak in 1996 Ford F450

1996 Ford F450 1 ton diesel engine truck with approximately 100,000 miles has been leaking transmission fluid. Took it to mechanic who replaced the seal and converter. When idling, you can see it drip, drip, drip, etc. Now it is leaking more than before I had it worked on. Any suggestions?

Well, its pretty straightforward. You have to find the leak and fix it. Did you take it back to the shop yet? Did you get under it and take a look? (Would you?) You might need another shop, or the first mechanic made just made a mistake, OR missed something. It’s not always easy to find the exact location of a leak, and if there is more than one, not necessarily easy to find them all at once.

“replaced the seal and converter.”

Please elaborate

Front pump seal?

If he replaced the front pump seal, it sounds like guy might have botched the job. It can be tricky to install front pump seals without damaging them . . .