What to do with 92 F150 front seal and transmission?



Hello, I have multi problems with my 92 F150 and not sure what to do. The front seal on the torque converter is bad. Also the tranny is starting to go, it takes a while to shift sometimes, and there was quite a bit of metal shavings in pan when I last changed the tranny filter. Otherwise the tranny shifts really smooth, may be some time left.

I’m told you have to drop the transmission to get to the front seal. It seems I’ll end up paying double labor on removing the transmission if I fix both seperately. Then it bothers me to have to get the tranny fixed when there may be quite some time left on it. Also, do they fix transmissions that still work…

So my question is… Do I just get the front seal fixed or fix both the seal and the tranny?

Thank you


If you are going to keep the truck I would get two or three estimates for the seal replacement and transmission repair. If you plan on getting rid of the truck then I would sell it as is. It’s your call.


It might be a pump problem. A pressure test followed by an inspection of the pump and torque converter is needed to answer whether a front seal will take care of the problem. Whatever it is sooner usually equals cheaper.


Agree; if you like the truck and it is otherwise OK (engine, etc) fix both properly and carry on. If the transmission “is starting to go” on a 1992 truck there is no point in waiting for failure, even if the seal was OK.

People who keep their vehicles running for a long time, and economically, do a lot of proactive maintenance and repairs to avoid costly failures.

As others say, if you are not prepared to be proactive with a 1992 vehicle, you may soon have another very expensive repair that will total the truck.


The torque converter seal you’re referring to is also called a front pump seal and based on the metal shavings in the pan and the delayed shifting I think it’s a huge mistake to even consider removing the transmission to replace the seal only.

A remanufactured or rebuilt transmission will have a new torque converter seal of course.


I totally agree. Even if you did just replace the seal thats no guarantee it will stop the leak. Normally when you replace the front pump seal you need to also replace the pump stator bushing. This is the bushing directly behind the seal that the hub of the torque converter slides into. Plain and simple, the trans needs to be overhauled.