2002 ford explorer

trans.is leaking from torque convert.area. had fluid put in.shifts fine but still leaking…is a four wheel drive…

What color of fluid ? Red is transmission. brown is engine oil.
Either way a big job.

A shop should be doing this work. inspection is needed.

The drive shaft, transfer case, and transmission must be removed ( sometimes as a sub-assembly ) to access the area.
. If it’s the transmission leaking you will the the front pump seal ( aka converter hub seal ) but may also need the front pump o-ring or gasket. Then inspection is needed to see that there’s no groove worn on the converter seal surface.
. If it’s engine oil, the rear main seal may be needed unless the leak is running down from above such as a leak at the rear of the intake or valve covers.

You might have a TC drain plug in this vehicle. That was about the time that Ford decontented that item. It could leak from there. What transmission and engine does this vehicle have? If it is not leaking much, you might be best off trying to ignore it if the vehicle has a lot of miles. It is annoying to have it soiling the driveway or garage, though.