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Transmission Kick

I sold a buddy of mine my dad’s old 1997 Ford Ranger XLT with about 100,000 miles. It passed an inspection and was in good condition. Afterwards we both noticed it had a kicking sound in the transmission as you were cruising with it. It was variable but on average about every 20 mins or so. My buddy thought it was probably due to overfilling with fluid so he had it flushed but the problem still remains. He thinks it gets worse as it heats more. We’re not sure what the problem is.

Have no way to relate to a “kicking” sound. I would suggest having the universal joints checked for proper greasing and wear. At the same time check the motor and transmission mounts since the truck will be on a lift to check the u-joints.

A mechanic at the shop I took it to for inspection thought it might just need a tune up and the kick comes for an engine misfire because of a bad spark plug. What do you think?

I think I know what “kicking” sound you are talking about. I have a 97 explorer that was doing the same thing while on cruise control. It happened until recently when the internal transfer case speed sensor failed (There are 2 external speed sensors. 1st on rear differential 2nd on outside of transfer case) I think the symptom is a sign that the computer is picking up a false signal from the internal sensor and trying to shift. Equals a “kick”. Just a guess. I currently have no speedometer and have rough shifts due to my internal sensor being out. Been told that in order to fix I should get a new transfer case or pay $1,000 to rebuild this one.

Maybe that’s it. My buddy says a sensor light comes on when that happens with some message about “insufficient something” but he can’t remember what the exact wording was. When I first noticed it I thought it was about to stall, but my buddy called it a kicking sound. I’ll pass along your suggestion. Thanks.