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Transmission and Engine

My car does not move. It has 217,000 miles on it. Are there any options besides getting a new transmission? There’s no nylon in the transmission fuid, so the gears don’t seem to be grinding. Can I get away with changing the fluid and filters to remedy the problem?

That’s impossible to tell with any certainty. It is worth a shot but it has 217K on the clock.

If the fluid level is up to spec, I doubt changing it out with new and cleaning the filter will make it perform like it should. It may very well continue to not move at all. But what does a fluid/filter job cost? $50? So little harm done by giving it the old college try.

If you decide to rebuild the xmission, get some shop recommendations from your normal mechanic. Don’t use the yellow pages.

More than likely, it’s not going anywhere.

217K on an automatic transmission is exceptional…What year is your car?