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Transmission in a 1976 Dodge van

I was wondering if anyone remembers which trans was in a standard size Dodge van in 76, and If that trans had a lock up converter and if not what will happen if you put a trans with a lock up torque converter in this age van? I know that the tail shaft on the trans that came out was 18.5 in

Probably a 727 or a 904 transmission. Look on the outside of the transmission and see whether there are any wires going to it. 76 should not be Lockup but with something that old you dont know what other people have put behind that engine.


I doubt it has a lockup TC. I don’t think those came along until the 80s. I’d keep the tranny stock and not mess with it. The fuel savings won’t be significant, and the old 727 transmissions were some of the most bulletproof units ever made by any manufacturer, even rivaling by far the reliability of most made these days.

Those transmissions went into a lot of dragsters.

How can you tell a 727 from a 904?

A van most likely has a 727 in it, being truck based. I don’t think Chrysler put the 904 in any trucks. I doubt it has a lockup torque converter. If you installed a trans with a lockup torque converter, it would work but may not live long unless you figured out a way to wire up the torque converter lockup. The last truck I saw with a lockup torque converter trans installed without wiring up the lockup seemed to generate a lot of heat. I’m not sure if it was because of the lockup not being used or if it was something else, but the torque converter not locking up generates more heat and heat kills transmissions.

To tell the two apart, look at the pan. The 904 pan looks like a square with one corner cut off of it while the 727 looks like a square with one corner bulged out.

BTW, None of the lockup models on the three speed Chrysler transmissions were electric. They’re simply controlled by govenor pressure (speed). It is unlikely that van had a lockup convoerter. However, I suppose you could put one in if you were inclined to…might result in some harsh drivability…but it is a '76 afterall.

If you have a 360 or larger engine, you probably have a 727. If you have a 6 cylinder, then you are probably looking at a 904. A 318 could have either.