07 vue, trans

07 saturn vue, 4cyl motor, auto trans. torque conv occasionally will not unlock so motor will stall at stop. a used trans is quite cheap for these rigs. around $200. and they come with the TC. would a new TC fix this issue? or is it more of an issue of worn seals inside trans? i would hate to spend 200 on new TC and not touch trans when i can get a lower mile used unit for same price. my labor is almost free. oh, i do not own this vue yet. it is priced very cheap due to trans issue. can you somehow cut wire harness to trans so TC lockup function does not work? or does it “apply” during normal operation in acceleration mode?

This car was built with a Fiat CVT automatic transmission. These transmissions were very troublesome. $200, if you can get one for that price, is not worth the work required to install it.

Run, don’t walk, run away from this car.

Sorry, wrong answer. The 07 4cyl auto is not cvt. It is a GM 4t45-e. it is not a Honda trans. That is in the 3.5 v6 cars. And it is not a aisin af33 trans which is used in the 3.0 v6 cars.

" can you somehow cut wire harness to trans so TC lockup function does not work?"

There might be a plug to the TC lockup solenoid on the side of the tranny you could unplug and see what happens. My daughter had a Cavalier that intermittently didn’t release the TC clutch on slowdown. I found the plug in the FSM but it “fixed itself” before I could try unplugging it. Maybe try one of the “fine transmission treatment products” available.

@Stoveguyy, good catch, my bad, not CVT, GM 4-speed auto.