Transmission & gear question

Is it safe to drive long distance in four wheel drive on an automatic?

If the question is in regard to a VW Passat, then the vehicle in question has AWD, NOT 4WD.
AWD vehicles can typically be driven safely for long distances with the AWD mechanism engaged, while 4WD vehicles cannot.

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Is the 2004 VW Passat 4motion full time All wheel Drive ? I guess it just stays that way and it can’t be made to be Front wheel drive only ?

Claudia you have had this a while so what prompted the question ?

Recently when I put the car in drive it drags, in reverse it bucks. Took it my mechanic, who is good and he tested the car and the reading came back that I need some kind of transmission cap (can’t recall name). When I drove home, it was fine but a few days later it’s dragging in drive again.

You seem to have a serious problem so have the shop tell you exactly what is wrong and it might be a good idea to not drive this it is until it is fixed .

The mechanics here can give better advice when they know just what the shop said.

Okay, thank you.

What year Passat and what is the mileage? One thing you could do is check the transmission fluid level. If it’s low, you could add some, or better yet get the fluid replaced. If you do put fluid in and it helps, get the transmission fluid changed anyway.

It’s a 2004 Passat, 45k miles. It was my aunt’s and in great condition when I got it 2 years ago With 30k miles. She lived in PA and I live in NYC.

Thanks for the information. It seems unlikely that thee could be transmission problems at that mileage, but check the trans fluid level and the motor oil level to make sure they are properly filled. If you aren’t up for that, maybe a friend can do it for you.

Thanks so munch. I’m don’t know all the ins and outs around cars so I really appreciate this community.

If it’s a 2004 it could be a number of problems, transmission included.

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Here’s the latest. A friend used his scanner and the code 16840 came up. I googled it and it says “leak - EVAP system.”