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2001 Passat 4Motion Automatic Transmission Problem

I have a low milage (63,000) Passat and the transmission is ‘slipping’. It seems to be at all speeds and gears. I first noticed it when it was in first, driving down a slight incline. I have read online that although VW says that the transmission is sealed and the fluid does not need to changed for 100K mi., there are several places where I have read that it does need to be changed and that the slipping problem has been solved in the cases I have read about by having the fluid and filter changed.

The cost for a non-dealer garage to do it (using OEM VW parts/fluid) is $350. Has anyone had else had this problem? Is this the best place to begin or is it likely a mechanical problem? I bought this car new and have maintained it and have never had any other problems.