2002 cr-v


I just bought a used CRV. I tried hard to do all of the right things - a carfax report, consumer reports, kelly’s blue book. . . I tried to be a savvy, smart buyer, But - they got me anyway. The CRV has an automatic transmission. It is only suppose to have 24000 miles on it. And, it is jerky and it will down shift when you take your foot off of the gas at lower speeds. And it drives hard (I was told this is because it is a 4-wheel drive and it may need tires soon).

Will i have to invest in a transmission?


No, it is not doing this “because it is 4-wheel drive”, simply because the CR-V normally operates as a FWD vehicle until after it detects slippage, and then it automatically goes into AWD. In other words, under normal, dry road driving conditions, your CR-V should behave exactly like a FWD vehicle, not like something with 4-wheel drive.

I would suggest that you take this car to a trusted mechanic–as you should have done prior to purchase–in order to ascertain exactly what is going on with your transmission. Unfortunately, CarFax will not tell you the mechanical condition of a used car, and only an inspection by a mechanic can do that.

If your trusted mechanic tells you that transmission work is needed, I would suggest that you seek out recommendations for an independent transmission shop that has been in business for at least three years. Whatever you do, DON’T go to Lee Myles, or AAMCO, or Cottman, or any other chain-operated transmission shop!