Transmission for 81 malibu

I have a 81 malibu classic I’m trying to restore and I have a Chevy small block 350 from a 74 c10, but I need to know if I need a transmission to go with my engine because there are two possible transmissions I could have a th200 metric or a th350 I am wondering which one I have because if it is a 200 I need a new one but if it’s a 350 I can use it how can I tell? My car came with the 229 v6

Automatic Transmission Identification and Information -

Your car came with a 200 metric. It won’t be happy behind a V8. I’d suggest a 200R4 as a replacement. A 7004R can be made to fit with a little hammer work on the trans tunnel. Both will require something to control the lockup convertors.


This might be helpful.