Transmission flushes?

I recently read an article that tranny flushes are more harmful then helpful. Their were many comments supporting and discrediting this article and yet, I still do not know if I should spend the $150.00 the dealer is asking for said service. I change my oil a few miles over (say from 500 to 1000) but it is done regularly.

Should I or shouldn’t I get a tranny flush?

This comes up on the boards, oh, at least once a day on average. Go to the top of the page to the search button and just search for transmission flush and terms like that.

The dealer has a flush machine that has to earn money for him. Your car needs a transmission FLUID AND FILTER CHANGE every 30,000 miles. Get this done at a good independent transmission shop for about $100.

Your OIL (in the engine) needs to be changed every 3000-5000 miles depending on your driving style. Every 500-1000 is much to often, unless you are racing.

All these requirements are in your OWNER’S manual; please read it to avoid further ripoffs.

Transmission flush = Bank account flush.

When there is this machine that claims to flush every make and model of car, it tells you something. That something isn’t good.

There is nothing wrong with a transmission flush and a flush will not harm the transmission.
The issues arise when a flush is done without dropping/cleaning the pan and changing the filter first.

The faulty type of trans flush is done for one reason; quick money. Dropping and cleaning the pan is time consuming and messy. Flushing is quick and comparatively clean.
See why the flush is recommended?