Transmission Fluid Leak in 2003 Honda Odyssey


My car has 75,000 miles on it. I got my oil changed 10 days ago and have since noticed a leak from the car. I thought it was the oil, thinking maybe they didn’t tighten things well. Today I took the car back in to the oil change place and they told me it was the transmission fluid that was leaking. When I was in their store previously (Danny’s Carwash)for the oil change, they tested the transmission fluid and told me it needed to be changed and would cost around $100. They tested other stuff too. I said no, didn’t want that service. Someone told me that it’s possible they could have loosened the drain bolt because I declined service. How would I be able to tell if the drain bolt had been loosened? It just seems crazy to me that there would be a transmission problem with only 75,000 miles. We live in AZ, though, so I don’t know if the hot weather would provoke more car problems.

My dh and I know nothing about cars.


Frankly I doubt if anyone would intentionally loosen the drain plug. Possible, but not likely.

At 75,000 miles, I would have the automatic fluid changed regardless of its apparent condition. I don’t know about that car wash & oil change place, but while many are somewhat less than honest, I don’t think you have any specific reason to suspect anything dishonest now.

I doubt if you could prove anything.

If you no longer trust the car wash, then you should start looking for a trusted [b]independent[/b] mechanic to take care of your car.  Ask friends, neighbors, co-workers and family for suggestions.