Transmission fluid exchange or not

Is it safe to do a transmission fluid exchange on my 1998 Mercury Mystique GS auto 2.0 litre with 113,000 miles.

It can’t hurt it…If the tranny pukes after a fluid change, it was going to puke anyway. Yours is about due…

Fluid exchange is not a precise term. There are several different things that might be called a fluid exchange.

I would recommend a fluid change (not a [b] flush [/b]) and make sure they drop the pan and clean the filter. 

You may be concerned by people who will tell you that they had the fluid changed and shortly after that the transmission failed.  It is true that often happens and may happen to you.  For the most part those that have that happen to them are changing the fluid because their  transmission has started to fell funny or doing something indicating a problem.  However it does not fail until after the change so they blame the change rather than blaming themselves for not changing it until 113,000 miles.  

You can also blame the car companies for not listing a fluid change as recommended service at say 40,000 miles, which is usually a good time to change it before the damage is done.

If it were mine, I would change it now. 

Good Luck