Transmission fluid changing

i just had oil changed at dealer and they told me my transmission fluid needed changing because i got 91,000 miles on a o5 focus is that right or are they trying to get into my ss check

You can check with your owners manual, but I would have changed the fluid before 91k. I would have changed it at 30-60k miles, depending on whether it’s mostly city driving or mostly highway. What you don’t want to waste your money on is a transmission flush.

There should be a maintenance schedule with your owner’s manual. The schedule will tell you how often to change the transmission fluid. If it’s never been changed before I think this would be a good time.

I’ll second exactly that including that I’d probably do the trans fluid every 30K even if the manual says you can go longer. You also don’t need to use a dealer for that - but don’t use corporate chain either. Find a good local independent shop - one that specialized in transmission work would be a good idea.

The Ford-prescribed method for replacement of some, and maybe all, current transmissions is to pump in new transmission fluid with a machine while draining out the old at the same time. Sometimes this is referred to as a “flush”. I would prefer to call it a “fluid exchange”. Since most of the fluid is in the torque converters and can not be drained by dropping the pan, this is a very efficient method. I believe it is the way to go i that is the prescribed procedure. It can’t hurt to have a seasoned transmission expert drop the pan and “read the tea leaves” before the fluid is exchanged.

Drop the pan, change the filter and refill every 25-30k I would avoid flushes unless the fluid is contaminated. It sounds as though you are 3 changes overdue. Change it.


i was planning on changing the tranny fluid in a 03 impala with 46.000 miles even though the owner manual recomendes 100.00 miles is their anything that i should be careful about doing .since i have never droped a trann/change thanks rob