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Transmission Fluid Change

My wife has a 2004 Volvo S40 sedan with about 75K miles. The Volvo dealer says we should use “synthetic” tranny fluid when we change it at a cost of $445. I can get the fluid changed at a local garage for around $100. Do we need to go with the higher cost fluid?

Refer to the Volvo Owner’s Manual, which will state the type of transmission fluid required, and the specification that it has to meet. Since transmissions tend to be very finicky about the fluid that you put in them, I would advise using exactly what is mentioned in the manual.

Thanks very much for the excellent logical advice!

You are welcome.

And, if anyone suggests “flushing” your transmission, refuse that offer.
Instead, have the pan dropped so that accumulated sludge can be removed, then new filter and fresh fluid.