2006 S80 Volvo with 50,000 miles

I just got my car back from the dealer today who told me I needed to have the transmission fluid changed. It was going to cost $225.00. How can I tell if it really needs to be done?

Sorry for the cliche but the owners manual is step 1, discolored fluid is a definite indicator, but it is better to follow the guide, rather than wait for a problem.

If it has not been done before or recently, it certainly needs to be done. But I , and others, go to a good independent transmission shop every 30,000-40,000 miles or so. The last change on a Nissan cost $85 for fluid and filter change. Your Volvo may cost a little more , but it should be a lot less than $225!

Read your owner’s manual first; it will at least give an interval in miles or months; if that interval is 80,000 miles, divide it in TWO!

Why is it Volvo dealers seem to have especially exhorbitant prices? To make the tranny last (imagine what Volvo would charge you for a new one!) get the fluid replaced - but not by the Volvo dealer. Not by a chain Jiffy lubby type place either. A good transmission shop that works on foreign transmissions is what you need.