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Transmission Fluid Change Question

This may be a very beginner-level question, I am working on changing the fluid on my 76 Lincoln Mark IV (Ford C6 Transmission), and I found this in my transmission pan:

Is this supposed to be there?



That’s installed on the transmission assembly at the factory.

Then once the transmission is installed in the vehicle, and the transmission dip stick/tube are installed, that plug gets pushed into the transmission pan.


It’s supposed to be there. That is the plug that sealed the dipstick hole in the transmission. When the transmission was installed in the car the dipstick and tube were installed and that ‘mushroom’ was pushed out of the way into the pan. The transmission has obviously never been serviced until now.

Got it. So I should take it out then I assume?

Yes, throw it away and don’t worry about it.

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I learn something every day.

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A former colleague, who used to work at a transmission shop, referred to them as “popsicle sticks” :smile:

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