Transmission cooler lines

I have a 1969 camaro SS. I was changing the transmission cooler lines and could not get them back in because if the angle. Any suggestions?

Bend the line slightly by hand. Check alignment by turning the fitting counterclockwise until you feel the thread “step” a bit then turn clockwise. It will help prevent cross threading.

I have been in your position with trans and brake lines. It is very frustrating. Keep working on it, you will get it.

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Like Mustangman said, you need to massage them to get them to fit. Just be careful not to bend them too sharply or you may start a kink. Also, it’s better to have them slightly under-bent than over-bent as they will want to spring back up against the structures around them and sit tightly.

I custom bent my own lines to run through the boxed frame pockets on one of my cars because I wanted them hidden as much as possible. That was a lot of bending, tweaking and in/out attempts to get them just right. Take your time and be patient. You’ll get them in…

Thank you!

You might try to get a 1" to 2" diameter piece of PVC pipe and use it to bend the pipe over. Its a little awkward but you are only adding a few degrees of bend to the pipe and it will help insure that you don’t kink it.

Absolutely. This is an old technique that helps insure against cross threading and I do it on everything, especially brass. I thought you were talking hoses so if worse comes to worse . . . but double clamp them. How do I know?

A pipe bender would be best, not sure if it a free loan from a parts store, if it uses jesus clips buy a couple extra in advance! Like trying to put the the clip on it pops off to places unknown! Jesus not again!

I’m sorry, I think I forgot to mention that I have bendable lines. More like hoses.