Bent transmission coolant line

After years of going over high grass my transmission coolant line is severely bent so its giving me problems shifting and sometimes driving in general but parts at u pull junkyards are so rare to find and no place nearby can order a new one in, I’m wondering how bad of an idea would if be to bend it out and possibly just repair a break that might happen during the bending process. Has anyone done this or have any opinions on what to do?

A decent shop should be able to make a new line for you. Check Rock Auto for a new cooler, if you bent the line you may have damaged the cooler also. A good independent shop will be able to take care of this. Get the fluid/filter changed also

Take care of this quickly. Your tranny is not cooling properly. Also, get the fluid and filter changed.

Bend the line straight and cut out any kinked or broken portion. Use some fuel line the right size to fit over your steel line and small hose clamps. If it needs support, zip tie it to something.

If rubber hose is used the type made specifically for hot oil is needed. And when patching with a section of rubber hose the connections must be fixed in place so that the hose doesn’t slip off the metal line.