Gear grinding

Whenever i put my car into gear and start to let out the clutch, the gears just grind. any ideas?

Get it fixed soon. It is probably only the clutch now, but keep grinding the gears it will be more soon.

i really do need to get it fixed right away since it is my only form of transportation. but what is actually broken?

You might clarify this a bit. Are you saying that it grinds when you attempt to put it in gear, grinds when shifting (1 to 2, etc.), grinding noise all of the time and even in neutral, etc.

It will go into gear. It grinds as I let out the clutch.

It will go into gear. It grinds as I let out the clutch.

Then it’s not in gear. Does it happen in ALL gears? That is, if you attempt this in reverse or were to start out in 2nd, does the same thing occur? That would mean some internal linkage rail/shaft was out of adjustment/detached/whatever. If they all do it, then you’ve got me swinging. If it never wanted to go into 1st and ground in reverse with the clutch fully depressed, then I’d say it was a pressure plate (if the hydraulic slave was in good shape/bled/etc). It would not be separating/freeing up the clutch to allow the shafts to come to a standstill. This is not what you’re describing however.

Yes it happens in all gears.

Okay, just to reconfirm the condition.

Clutch in …shift lever put firmly into any gate …slowly release clutch …grinding. Correct?

I’m not familiar with your trans/shifter layout, but you’ve got a geometry issue between what you’re doing at the shifter vs. what’s happening at the other end. At least that condition would explain the symptom.

While there can be something worn or out of whack at the local level (the shifter housing and what makes it transmit/leverage your motion), I would attempt to adjust the linkage first.

Here’s a very detailed video

There are additional videos that cite worn bushings and whatnot that may be related to your problem.

Yes that is correct. Just tried putting it in gear from the shift fork instead of from inside the car. Still grinding.