Transmission blown on honda element

'Just found out the transmission on my '04 honda element is shot. I’ve got 120,000 mi. on the vehicle. No prior issues until now. Do I pony up & pay for a factory re-build at $4500 (w/100,000k mi warranty) or buy another vehicle? Any suggestions?

What is your budget for the next ride? Are you itching to move on?

Have you considered a used tranny?

What was the transmission doing?? What were the symptoms??


…and what kind of shop is doing the diagnosis? If you took it to a corporate chain type of place such as AAMCO you’d be better off finding a local shop with a good reputation.

Not itching to move on, per se, but wondering if there’s much bang left at 120K if I throw all those bucks at the problem. Symptoms were the drive “d” light started blinking when the mailtruck was in gear, typically at higher speeds or when going up hill. Also felt some intermittent slippage/bucking between gears. And yes, I did go to a local mechanic, someone who has done right by me for years. He offered to do a rebuild for about $3,500, but only able to offer me a 12 month warranty. The other two options were going through Honda, which was a rebuild at about $4,000, but offered a 3 yr/30K warranty. The best deal seemed to be through a reputable company that does rebuilds (can’t remember the name of it, though) for $4,500 and 100k warranty. Any other suggestions,opinions?

If the D4 light was flashing, its telling you that the computer has found a problem. Did anyone even scan the computer for the trouble code/s??? A simple sensor problem can and will cause the D4 light to flash. Have the computer scanned and post back with the code/s.


transman, would a sensor malfunction cause the slippage that the OP reported, too?

Yep. Initially had the 3rd gear pressure switch replaced and that bought me about two weeks reprieve before things started acting up again. When they went in a 2nd time, a delved a little deeper, I was told that it needed to be rebuilt.

It sure could. For instance, on a electronically controlled transmission, line pressure/ line rise is controlled by the computer by way of the TPS. A faulty TPS would give the computer wrong information causing the computer not to raise line pressure during acceleration and possibly cause slippage. Also, faulty pressure control solenoids also called linear solenoids in Hondas would cause slippage. An 04 Honda??? Seems kind of “Young” to be having serious transmission issues. Thats why I would probably get a second opinion.


The transmission went on my honda element at 120,000 miles also
the dealer quoted me $2000 for new tranny and $600 to install it. I was wondering if it is better to get it rebuilt - not by the dealer