Transmission/Antifreeze questions

I just traded up and purchased a 2011 Cadillac CTS AWD sedan with 72,500 miles on it. I have a couple of questions on it.

  1. This car comes with a sealed transmission there is no dip stick to monitor/check the trans fluid and according to the manual it doesn’t need to be checked and only changed out around 100,000 miles. Is this something that all newer cars are going to? Is this just due to technology as I can always remember that you had a dipstick to check it and would always check mine at least 2-3 months after a decent drive around the city. IF the transmission is sealed how do they get the old fluid out and put new fluid in?

  2. The dealership where I bought the car installed a new water pump on the car when they took it in for trade, which means a good amount of antifreeze would have been lost and replaced with fresh new fluid. When a water pump is changed out is that good enough to bump back say a needed change over of antifreeze fluid which the manual has set at around every 50,000 miles if I remember right?

Find a way to replace the fluid ASAP. There are a lot of transmission failure with this model if you do a simple google search.

There is no such thing as a “sealed transmission”

That’s just marketing bs

Because lately no manufacturer wants to say that their cars actually need service :smirk: