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2010 Cadillac CTS-V Sedan - Transmission issue

Transmission jerk and finally would not move the car. Finally, moved forward but in neutral only, no reverse. Transmission fluid good. Now will not move at all.

I suggest that you have it towed to an independent transmission shop for evaluation.
If you value the contents of your wallet, be sure that you DO NOT have it towed to one of the chain-run trans joints, such as Cottman, Lee Myles, Mr. Transmission, or AAMCO.

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As a follow-on, going to a good independent transmission shop is especially important for a great car like a CTS-V. If you can’t find one, take it to. Cadillac dealer. They will send it to a good indie shop.

Ask your transmission shop if starting off w/a routine servicing makes since. Sometimes just replacing the transmission fluid w/fresh can do the trick. Transmission fluid contains seal conditioners, which tend to stop working after a certain amount of use. If the transmission’s internal seals harden & leak that prevents it from developing the super-high fluid pressures needed to create the forces necessary to effect the shift. Ask the transmission shop also if it makes sense to measure the existing fluid pressures at various test ports in the way of making a diagnosis.

One way to find a good inde transmission shop is to ask your current shop (presumably you have a good relationship w/them) who’s the best transmission shop in town. To have a good transmission shop the shop manager has to keep a keen eye on his workers at all times so they’ll do the job correctly and not take short cuts. That sort of person isn’t easy to find, and is what makes one shop a good one, and another shop not so good. Similar to the importance of a restaurant manager.