2011 Cadillac CTS Differential fluid

I am down to my final fluid change in my 2011 Cadillac CTS AWD with 75500 miles with a 3.0 engine as I have had the transmission and transfer case fluids changed over the past month. Is the differential fluid something you change in every car or unique to AWD cars? Is it something any shop can do or should I have the dealership do it?

Also what does this fluid do?

It prevents the gears/bearings in the differential from burning up.

People who maintain their vehicles properly service the differential fluid.

This service is not required to be performed by the dealer.

Any shop can perform this service.


I believe you are having work done on this vehicle on 6/16 just have them add this change of fluid to the work order and save a trip.

Unfortunately I won’t have the extra $130+ to do it then as the other work is going to cost me $500, so hope to get this done next month.

This car is the first one I have ever read that needed it. I just assumed it was due to being a AWD.

Rear differentials are on AWD vehicles and of course RWD. I was told the differential fluid needs to be changed at the first 10,000 miles and then with the transmission/transfer case fluid after that, which would be at 30,000 mile intervals. While you can have it done anywhere, you need to make sure the proper fluid is used as specified in the manual.

A differential is what allows the tires to rotate at different rates when cornering.

Every vehicle has a differential of some sort.


I bought the car in February and it was at 72400 miles with no history if previous changes in that fluid has been done this why I’m changing out all three fluids with the deferential the last one to be done.

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