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Transmission 2001 passat

how do you check the trans fluid on this car? 1.8 turbo autotrans thanks

If the fluid can be checked the owner’s manual should tell you how to do it.

manual is m.i.a. will have to find one…

I do recommend that you find the owner’s manual, but you also may want to get a repair manual. They are available for most makes, models and years. They provide maintenance instructions. Stop by you local auto part’s store.

It’s similar to checking the fluid in a manual trans. Add more oil until it starts to spill out.
But first, you have to start the engine and monitor the ATF temperature with a specialty VW scan tool such as a vag-com (
When it’s at the right temp, you remove the drain plug and let the excess spill out. Then pump fluid up into the drain hole to add more fluid until it starts to spill out again. Make sure you ONLY use fluid from the dealer. Commercial stuff doesn’t work in this trans.