Transfer title, get insurance, get car inspected?

I’m getting a car off of my dad and it will be my first car that I will own and be fully responsible for covering the costs of(I’ve been sharing cars for years up to now). It’s been left unused for over a year now, though, and is in the final stages of being ready for a Pennsylvania inspection. The title is still in my dad’s name at the moment and the car’s not currently covered by insurance.

Does the car have to be covered by insurance before it can pass inspection? I was thinking the title should be transferred to my name first, then I should get the insurance coverage for the car, and finally take it for inspection. But I was just a little hesitant to put the inspection last, as I’d like to be sure the car is in good shape and doesn’t need any major repairs before I pay the money for transferring the title and getting insurance for it. So is the order of completing these things important, or no big deal? Thanks!

In PA you need to have valid insurance to have the car inspected

Have DAD get the car inspected, then proceed as planned…In most States with safety or emissions inspections, you can have them inspected anytime you are willing to pay for it…

Insurance, then inspection then title transfer. You don’t want to even sit in the car if it is not insured.

In PA you contact an insurance company and give them the VIN # for the car, make a payment and get a “proof of insurance” certificate. Then you go to a notary with the old title and get the title transferred to you (it will be processed and a new title will be mailed to you). At the same time you’ll get a new PA plate and a tag for the rear window and temporary registration certificate. A real registration and a sticker for the plate will be mailed to you. When you have the car registered then the last step is to get it inspected. In some PA counties you have to have emissions test and a safety inspection, other areas (more rural) the emissions testing isn’t required.

The PA inspection involves pulling all 4 wheels to check the brake pads, tire tread, all lights must work, etc.