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Car insurance BEFORE buying a new car?

Car insurance BEFORE buying a new car?

My father wants to transfer a used car to my name. If I buy insurance now (I have VIN #) before the car is transferred into my name, will the insurance be valid once the car is transferred into my name? Or can I only purchase the insurance after the car has been transferred into my name? I live in Ohio if that helps.

My insurance company gives me a grace period during car purchases where the car is automatically covered. I then have so many days to file the paperwork. I would give your regular carrier a call before transfer to see what their procedure is.

Call your insurance agent and ask him or her this question.

Call your agent and ask. Their opinion counts more than ours.

I concur…Call you agent.

Some states you can’t REGISTER the car unless you have insurance.

You’ll need “proof of insurance” to register the car in most states. If you have the vin# the other thing you need is a check to get insurance. Call an agent for more specifics.

Call in the make, model, year and VIN to your insurance agent and tell him/her when the transfer will take place.

Yes, they most likely have a provision for coverage for a recently purchased vehicle but cover yourself and do it ahead.

You should insure the car in your name as soon as you start driving it.
Don’t wait until its in your name before you put insurance on it, if you are already driving it.


You should ask an insurance company before asking random strangers on the internet. What does your father’s insurance company say?

Here’s an idea: DON’T transfer the car to your name, but pay Dad to insure the car. I imagine that you are a young man, and insurance on your car that you drive will be astronomical. Insurance on your Dad’s car that you drive will not be nearly as bad. If you pay gas, insurance, and repairs your dad should be willing to keep it on his policy. If you or dad need convincing, call your insurer and ask for a quote both ways.

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